Selective questions and answers

Jenny (Texas) asks:

I use Outlook Express. When I click on a Smiley icon in the Schmaili window I hear the sound but nothing else happens. Why’s that?

Professor Smileyinski’s answer:

Before you click a Smiley icon to fit it in you have to click somewhere in the mail window, in which you’re writing your text. Usually you first write the text and then add a Smiley wherever it pleases you.

Lester (North-Carolina) asks: :

With AOL I never had any Problems when using Schmaili but since I have Outlook 2003 the Smileys don’t move anymore when I insert them.

Professor Smileyinski’s answer:

Microsoft has introduced a change with Outlook version 2003. Since that version mails innately are written with the program editor „Word“. But that’s ok, the Smileys arrive animated („fidgeting“) at your mail receivers.

Professor Smileyinski recommends:

The above mentioned questions are the most frequently asked ones. Of course there are many more – partly very individual – questions. That’s what the Schmaili board is there for, to all Schmaili users.